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HGNX Hosting Packages
Silver Plan - 50MB Storage, 1GB Transfer, 5 POP Email Accounts, CGI-Bin, PHP, ASP - $20.00 Gold Plan - 100MB Storage, 5GB Transfer, 15 POP Email Accounts, CGI-Bin, PHP, ASP, MySQL - $30.00 Platinum Plan - 200MB Storage, 15GB Transfer, 25 POP Email Accounts, CGI-Bin, PHP, ASP, .NET, MySQL, MSSQL, Cold Fusion, Control Panel - $50.00

HGNX Mail Solutions

Propper email configuration can save your business or at least the appearance of your business to the online world. There are so many malicious email attacks ongoing at any given time on the internet that your business could be getting a bad reputation and you wouldn't even know it. Are your employees or System Administrators spending too much time dealing with SPAM and Virii?

At HGNX we strive for security and standards compliance in everything we do and because of this we are able to catch over 95% of the SPAM and 100%1 of Virii which some other providers miss or don't even scan for. We destroy the top 80% of SPAM so you never even have to see it and we tag the next 15% so you can clearly see a sample of what may have gotten through. We believe in our SPAM solution so much that our families use it too.

Our Solutions:

  • Small Business Email Hosting - 1 Domain - 10 POP Accounts2 - 100 forwards (Aliases) - 1 Mailing lists - $10/month - Free Setup
  • Basic Business Email Hosting - 1 Domain - 5 Domain Aliases - 25 POP Accounts2 - 250 forwards - 5 mailing lists - $25/month - Requires 6 month contract or $50 setup fee
  • Advanced Business Email Hosting - 5 Domains - 50 Domain Aliases - 500 POP Accounts2 - Unlimitted Forwards - Unlimitted Mailing lists - $100/Month - Requires 1 year contract or $200 setup fee.
  • Dedicated HGNX Powered Mail Server(s) - This product is for the businesses who know they want to get rid of SPAM and Virii but email is far too sensitive to be shared with our other customers or if you have requirements which are too large to fit into the previous categories. Contact us
  • HGNX Content Filter - Make our servers do the nasty work of cleaning your mail before it even makes it to your corporate mail server. We can become the man in the middle and stop the SPAM and Virii before they ever make it to you. - $1.50 per mailbox per month or we can arrange for custom solutions.


1 - 100% of Virii is based on all known active virii. Our servers are updated every 15 minutes with the latest Virus definitions to keep them on the bleeding edge.
2- Each pop account is allocated 1GB of disk storage. POP accounts also include Webmail and and IMAP access. SSL is available if required.

HGNX reserves the right to stop/block/cancel the account of anyone who knowingly uses the HGNX mail servers to SPAM or perform other acts which fall outside of our acceptable use policy.


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